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Your Need for Income Protection

Did you know?  Most disabilities are NOT caused by accidents.  Approximately 95 per cent are caused by illness.

Who do you know who’s had an illness or injury that has prevented them from working and earning a paycheck? If it happened to you, how would you maintain your standard of living?

Protect your paycheck with Individual Disability Income Insurance.  It provides monthly benefits to help you pay for the big things in life, like your mortgage, food, car payments and medical.

Many people assume a disability won’t happen to them, but you may be surprised by the variety of conditions that can leave you unable to work. Here are just 26 of the conditions claims departments have seen for disability claims over the years.

From A to Z, these are a few good reasons to protect your income.

Asthma Joint pain Stroke

Breast cancer Kidney failure Tremors

Carpal Tunnel Lower back pain Ulcerative colitis

Depression Multiple sclerosis Vision impairment

Episodic mood disorder Nerve injury West Nile virus

Fibromyalgia Osteoarthritis Anxiety

Gastroenteritis Pregnancy complications Yellow fever

Herniated disc Quadriplegia Alzheimer’s disease

Irritable bowel syndrome Retinal disorder

Talk to the professionals at Allen & Furr.  Learn how to protect your paycheck from the unexpected.