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Uber And Lyft Drivers Take Note

If you drive your personally owned auto for Uber, Lyft, or even a pizza delivery company, your personal auto insurance will not provide coverage should you be involved in an accident. Uber and Lyft do not provide the needed auto insurance coverage to protect you and your passengers.

This issue became very real in 2013 when an Uber driver hit and killed a 6 year old girl in San Francisco. The driver had only the state minimum auto liability limits of $30,000. The family sued both the driver and Uber. Uber does offer secondary coverage, but the driver must have a primary auto insurance policy in place. If you were in an at fault accident while on the clock, the insurance company has every right to deny the claim because you are using their vehicle for commercial use at the time of the accident.

There are a number of insurance companies now offering specific auto insurance coverage for ride sharing risks.

Here are a few tips for ride share drivers

  1. Purchase a separate policy with at least a $1,000,000 limit.
  2. Read any and all agreements so you know what your responsibilities are.
  3. Keep your vehicle is good working condition.
  4. Talk to your insurer before signing up and keep things on the up and up.

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