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The Financial Literacy Planning Advantage Components

We divide your financial blueprint into three major components: Protection, Savings, and Growth.

Protection: We begin by evaluating all areas of your protection because it is vital to shelter your assets, income, and life from unpredictable events and eroding factors. This means evaluating the important details regarding your vehicle and property insurance; liability protection; disability and medical insurance; government benefits; possible enhancements your attorney could make to your wills and trusts; and evaluating your life insurance. The objective is to maximize your protection at a minimum cost.

Savings: Next we concentrate on the savings area (rather than your investment portfolio) because you should first build a solid foundation. It is critical that you first have enough liquid savings to enable to you to cover emergencies and take advantage of wealth-building opportunities. The objective is to increase your rate of return, reduce risk, increase liquidity, and minimize your current and future taxes.

By coordinating and integrating your protection and savings first, your overall plan is better positioned to work under a variety of circumstances.

Growth: When you have accomplished your goals for liquid savings, you are ready to change your focus to your investments, which may include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, collectibles, and your business. We evaluate your current rate of return, risk, and taxes with the goals of coordinating and integrating the growth component with your protection and savings, reducing risk, minimizing taxes, and increasing future income to allow you to be financially independent.

How do you get started?

The Financial Planning Process is comprised of these five steps. The initial consultation is at our expense. Please contact us for an appointment or for more information.

Please call and let Allen & Furr Insurance & Wealth Management show you the possibilities of reaching your full financial potential.

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