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The Financial Planning Process

The Financial Planning ProcessThe Steps

1. The Opportunity Analysis: Together we will explore the obstacles that stand in your path to financial independence, the opportunities on which you want to focus, and your strengths and advantages to be reinforced.

2. You will complete a financial questionnaire and gather documents essential to the evaluation and strategic planning process. After gaining a thorough understanding of your current position, concerns, goals, and dreams, your financial information is documented–establishing your entire financial blueprint on one page. This gives you complete clarity about your current financial position.

3. The Financial Efficiency Evaluation: Together we evaluate your current financial strategies to determine if they will generate abundant wealth, provide maximum protection, eliminate your concerns, and reach your lifetime goals and dreams. This “macro-manager” approach will help you work better with the “micro-managers” from whom you have already purchased financial products. Together we will coordinate, integrate, or update these products to enhance your financial plan.

We divide your financial blueprint into three major components: Protection, Savings, and Growth.

4. The Wealth Strategies Solution: We discuss and evaluate which alternative financial strategies could substantially increase your wealth and help assure the maximum protection of your assets, income, and life. Together we develop a plan designed to allow you to spend and enjoy your money during your lifetime, with less fear of running out, and still leave a substantial legacy.

5. The Dynamic Wealth & Protection System: You will receive a comprehensive, easy-to-understand summary of your new plan and a valuable organizational system for your financial documents. We will continue to meet regularly, and keep in contact via telephone, e-mail, and mail so that we can respond to your changing personal circumstances, and offer creative suggestions for future wealth-building strategies.

The Financial Planning Advantage is comprised of these five steps. The initial consultation is at our expense. Please contact us for an appointment or for more information.

Please call and let Allen & Furr Insurance & Wealth Management help you reach your full financial potential.

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