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Simplify Your Life

The first week in August is national “Simplify Your Life Week.”  It’s not unusual to find ourselves overly multi-tasking as part of a daily tactical planpic-lhb-retirement rather than a skill once primarily asserted in job interviews. Today we all face challenges juggling competing responsibilities at home, work and within the community.   This fast-paced, get-it-now society in which we live has a way of adding stress while we lose focus on some of the most important and satisfying parts of our lives.

Take a moment to look for a few ways you can simplify your life this week and into the future.

At work:

  • Start each day with a to-do list. Having a clear focus of your priorities can greatly reduce the frustration you feel when you forget something that must be done before the end of the day.
  •  Delegate tasks. More often than not people are willing to help each other.
  •  Create a filing system for electronic documents and email that mirrors the one you have for paper. Sort, file, and purge electronic information regularly.  No one likes inbox overload.
  •  Leave your work at the office. Quit taking it home every day. If it didn’t get done at work, it’s time to reassess your working habits.

At home:

  • Consider downsizing.  Have a small, but comfortable home. Less clutter, more space to move, breathe, and do the things you really care about doing.
  • Prepare quick meals. Find recipes that are quick to prepare. Spend the extra time enjoying the meal and your family rather than over-complicating the cooking process.
  •  Simplify your parenting.  No need to do everything for your children.  You’re also raising a resourceful and resilient child rather than a child who expects everything to be done for them.
  •  Empower your children with appropriate chores that help you regain some “me time.”
  •  Save for an emergency. One credit card and $1,000 should be sufficient for an unexpected car or home repair.
  •  Sign-up for online bill payments. Automatic payments scheduled before a bill’s due date ensure that you are never late on a payment and eliminate one more concern from your day.
  •  Contact your insurance agent to review your policies so you may feel confident you are properly covered and receiving all the discounts to which you may be entitled.

Above all, keep the faith, spend quality time with the people you love and take care of your health.   Have a clear understanding of the priorities in your life.  Remember, a joyful heart is good medicine.