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Protecting Those Valuable Christmas Gifts

Did you receive something sparkly for Christmas?  Perhaps something that’s rated by 4 C’s?  Or maybe you got something made for fun; something measured by performance and horsepower.

If you or your family received valuable gifts for Christmas, now is a good time to review your insurance to be sure you are properly covered.  For instance, most homeowner policies offer limited coverage for personal articles of value.  If you added a new diamond necklace to your current jewelry inventory, you may have exceeded your coverage limits. 

Now is a good time to visit with your insurance agent to review your homeowner policy.  You may want to consider valuable items insurance to be sure you are adequately protected.  Valuable items policies are available for jewelry, furs, fine arts, collectibles, coins, firearms, memorabilia and other precious items.

Perhaps your Christmas gift came in a slightly larger package.  All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are becoming increasingly popular and they come in a variety of models.  Specialized coverage is offered for these specialized vehicles.  Off-roaders face unique hazards.  Protect your investment and focus on having fun!

No matter how big or how small the gift box, if you consider it valuable, so will someone else.  Protect your investments by securing your home.   Keep your doors and windows locked.  Know your neighbors.  Close-knit neighborhoods report fewer break-ins.  Always keep an eye out for suspicious activity.  When you travel, have a neighbor collect your mail and newspapers.  Talk to your local crime prevention officer for other tips on how to protect your home.

Also, in the event of fire, theft, or other loss, it’s a good idea to have a home inventory.  Keeping a written record of your possessions along with information on when, where and at what cost they were purchased will not only make it easier to recall what you own if you do have a loss, but will also make claim processing easier. Photos or video inventory is encouraged.  Always keep your inventory record offsite.

Speak with your agent at Allen & Furr to create a custom plan to protect your valuables and your dreams.  You don’t want to learn you are underinsured when facing a loss.

Question:  What was your favorite Christmas surprise?