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Is My Business Covered for injuries that My Employees Cause To Others?

bigstock-group-of-industrial-workers-i-36357172Business Insurance Update

Most businesses have employees who run the day to day operations. Employees are typically covered under a worker’s compensation policy if they are injured on the job.  However, what happens if an employee causes injury to a customer, vendor, or other third party?

In general, you are liable for acts your employees commit while they are doing their job.  A business or commercial insurance policy can provide protection for both the firm and your employees.  That means you will usually be covered by your business insurance policy unless there is a specific situation that is not covered. Exceptions and clauses may vary, but exclusions might include criminal acts or intentional acts.

Typically, a business policy will cover the employees while acting on behalf of the business, even if that is away from the premises.

Commercial business insurance provides wide-ranging protection for businesses and their subsidiaries under a single policy. There are various types of commercial business insurance that takes care of property, liability and workers’ compensation, to name a few. While property insurance covers damages to business property and products stored within the premises; liability insurance provides coverage for damages to third parties; and workers’ compensation insurance covers injuries to employees.

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