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How to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

bigstock-Concept-or-conceptual-black-pl-47908673Summer 2016 Vacation Safety

Your family is on vacation having a great time, when you get a call from the police department telling you your home has been burglarized, and your identity may have been compromised.  Chances are your homeowner’s insurance will cover you, but a little prevention might have prevented the loss.  There are things that you can do to deter or prevent a break-in while you are on vacation.  The basic idea is to do everything you can to make it look like there are still people and signs of activity in the home.

Home Burglary facts (Source FBI, Harris Interactive Polls)

  • 23% of burglars get in through the back door.
  • Homes with security systems have a 30% less chance of being targets.
  • A majority of convicted burglars say they avoid homes with alarm systems.
  • 20% of homeowners say they leave their doors unlocked.
  • Burglars will use social media to select targets.
  • The average cost to replace stolen items is $4,200.

Follow These Homeowner’s Tips before You Go on Vacation

  • Set electric timers for interior and exterior lights.
  • Stop all mail.
  • Do not leave any spare keys hidden outside the house.
  • Tell your neighbors that you are leaving.
  • Almost no one remembers to turn down the temperature on the water heater. This can be an excellent way to save electricity as well.
  • Do not take all your credits cards on vacation, only take the one or two you may need.
  • Don’t post vacation pictures on social media sites until your return home.
  • Complete a home inventory and keep it in a safe place.

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