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Am I Covered? The Movers Just Dropped My Dresser Down The Stairs?

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How Georgia Homeowner’s Insurance Applies To Moving

Hiring a moving company can be a good thing. They do all the work of moving your important possessions into your new home. But accidents happen.  What happens if the movers damage your piano or drop an item on your hardwood floor? Homeowner’s insurance is designed to provide protection for damage or loss to your home and property as a result of an unforeseen event or accident.

If the moving company causes damage to your property, in most cases they will repair or replace the damaged item. That is why it is a good idea to have a written contract with the moving company in which this issue is written out. You should require the moving company to have business insurance that covers broken or damaged items.

Usually the moving company’s contract states that they have a specific limit that they will be responsible for. So if you have an expensive antique, it may not be covered if it is a total loss. If a moving company scratches your furniture, they usually will have a third party come to your house to make the repairs.

Moving coverage may currently be part of your homeowner’s policy, but it depends on your individual coverage. If you are scheduling a move, you might call our office to have us review your coverage and help you with recommendations. Enjoy your new home!

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